Class Notes Day 6

Tech Tip of the Day= Teleprompter tool


You can get online access to the AP Daybook (and news stories).  Our login info for Exchange is: User: soc   Password: AMERICAN1 (On the left side you will see Advisories & Daybooks. Hit ALL and the daybook will come up).

Video Tips for Panasonic HMC 40 camera

Tips for Video shooting for still photograpers (Courtesy Regina McCombs)

Dail: Life Unbarred

Tube Mogul


Trapped in an Elevator

Post Secret


Joining the Dance

Tony Hawk

Cody’s Rescue

Flying Trikes

Marine Sentries

Slideshow with video: voice of subject  Shoeshine

1. Mn. Budget  (Video Story, natsot full up & voices of subjects-Hard news story; Star-Tribune (2:05)

2.  Lion Root Canal (Video, voiceover narration,interviews, natsot full up-  Feature story; Spokesman Review  (3:09)

3.  Tomb of the Unknowns (Video, natsot full up, voice of subject-Feature story; Wash Post) (2:22)

4. Prison Valley (Interactive documentary that takes full advantage of the Web, using video, social media, blogging, mobile app.).

ONLINE VIDEO SHOOTING TIPS Shooting for small screen (Courtesy:Metacafe with short video ad, then Video=4:13)

The five-shot video rules=BBC

Sequencing of shots=Colin Mulhavey

Basic video shooting & Editing errors=Angela Grant

Shot types  (Courtesy:Metacafe with short video ad, then Video=3:57)

Don’t cross axis line (Courtesy:Vimeo, no ads, Video=1:49)

Rule of thirds (Courtesy:Vimeo, no ads, Video=2:48)

Composition (Courtesy:Storyguide, no ads; Video=4:04)

Framing   (Courtesy:Storyguide, no ads, Video=1:46)

Lighting Hard vs soft light (Courtesy:Metacafe, with short video ad, then Video=4:05)

3-point lighting (Courtesy:Metacafe, with short video ad, then Video=2:58)

Outside key lighting  (Courtesy:Metacafe, with short video ad, then Video=3:15)

Shooting Techniques (Courtesy: Knight Digital Media Center-text, go thru own pace)

Video on the Web (Courtesy:Knight Digital Media Center-text, go thru own pace)

Voiceovers & Standups (Courtesy:Knight Digital Media Center-text, go thru own pace)

Video camera white balance (Courtesy:Vimeo, no ads, Video=1:18)

Tripod  (Video=2:43)

Beware of Reporter Standups

How do you choose stories for Video?  (Angela Grant)

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Assignment #6: Audio Story

Here are your source files:

Download Audacity here:

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Assignment #5: Soundslides

Download the practice files here:

Create an audio slideshow of about 45 seconds to 1:30. When you’re finished, post the slideshow to your blog as a YouTube video using these steps:

1) Hit “Export” on Soundslides.
2) Soundslides will create a folder called “publish_to_web” inside your project folder.
3) Right-click on the “publish_to_web” folder and select “Compress publish_to_web”.
4) This creates a file.
5) Go to
6) Leave size set at “DV (720×480)”. Put in your email address and leave the two boxes checked. Hit continue.
7)Hit select file and upload your “” file.
8) You can wait for your file to convert or just wait for Soundslides to send you an email notification that your file is ready.
9) Download the complete .mp4 file. Watch in quicktime or another media player to make sure it works.
10) Upload the mp4 to YouTube. Create a new account if you don’t have one.
11) Need help uploading to YouTube? FIGURE IT OUT. YOU’RE A MULTIMEDIA STUDENT.
12) Create a new blog post. You can embed the video in the post by just dropping in the YouTube URL. Like so:

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Class Notes: Day 5


Tech Tip of the Day= Site for Locating creative commons licensed audio material

Public Radio & media blog (

NPR’S Scott Simon on telling audio stories-Video (3:30)

Compelling Audio Stories=NPR “Driveway Moments”

A Giant Pool of Money=NPR (Adam Davidson’s award-winning documentary on the housing crisis, “The Giant Pool of Money,” was recently named one of the top ten works of journalism of the decade by the Arthur L. Carter of Journalism and New York University. It won near universal praise as the clearest and most entertaining explanation of the roots of the financial crisis in any media. It was probably the first hour-long radio documentary on mortgage finance ever to be described by anyone as “riveting).”

How to Make your audio slideshows better=advice from Colin Mulvany

1. Washington Thru the eyes of a tourist  Photo Slideshow=Captions, no audio

2. Fox Hunt/ Cockfighting Puerto Rico = Slideshows natsot full, one person narration

3. High Heels Slideshow with text, music by Rebecca Aguilar

4. El Vez=Seattle Times (2:38) Slideshow w-music, narrated by one-person subject.   Text story about El Vez.

Guitar Lessons= Several subjects narration, first-person, natsot, music (2:24)

6. Hope on the Streets: Slideshow with narration, interviews, music (Rebecca Aguilar) (3:16)

7. Remembering Sen. Robert Byrd=Slideshow with narration, music Kathy Kiely, USA Today (3:27)

8.  The Simple Life = Slideshow with music

NAHJ What is an Audio Slideshow (Courtesy Robert Hernandez)

Tutorials for Soundslides= Knight Digital Media Center Soundslides

Video with vocal narration tips: Vimeo (Video=3:33)

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Class Notes Day 4

Tech Tip of the Day=Name Pronunciation


Audio Reporting Guide

Vocal Delivery

Digital Audio Recorder Options (Link to article)

Overview of the Zoom H1 Recorder (Video=3:00)

Microphone types (Lav, Wireless, Omnidirectional, shotgun) (Video=6:25)

Voiceover Tips Online

Recording Phone Calls for Reporters – Online Article & Web site

Capturing Good Sound in Video Cameras   (Video=3:13-Vimeo)

Tutorials: Knight Tutorial in Audacity Editing OR Audacity Tutorial by Mindy McAdams

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Assignment #4: Audio Story

Edit your voxpop piece into a nice, tight audio piece.

Adding audio to your Blog is easy, but it requires you to host your audio file somewhere. Having a Dropbox account is an easy way to do this.

  1. Have your audio available as an mp3 file.
  2. Log into Dropbox and upload your audio to your Public folder.
  3. Right-click on your audio file and select Copy Public Link.
  4. Select Copy the Address to Clipboard.
  5. Start a new WordPress post.
  6. Where you want your audio to appear put the following (where link = the public link): [audio link]
  7. Save your post as draft
  8. Finish your post and publish.

Your audio should appear as it does below:

The code for this particular instance is [audio

If you’re having problems, try this link:

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Class Notes Day 3

Tech Tip of the Day=Dropbox, web-based site to share with others

Rob’s Photography Powerpoint

Photo Shooting tips= (courtesy Sarah Quinn, Poynter Institute)

Tutorials for shooting in specific situations=i.e. sunlight

Introduction to Photo Composition; Simplicity; Rule of Thirds; Lines; Balance; Framing; Avoiding Mergers

Good Photos=Recession Road, Washington Post (Link to site)

Dogs Help Veterans, Washington Post (slideshow, no sound, captions)

Ice Cream Truck, Washington Post (slideshow, no sound, captions)

Witness/Politics, Washington Post

NAHJ Still Photo tips (Courtesy Robert Hernandez)

Photoblogs-Boston (Link to site)

Photos-ChicagoTribune (Link to site)

How to Crop & Size a photo for use on the Web – Article

Beginner’s Guide to Using Photoshop in your Newsroom (Poynter Institute)

Tutorial-Using the crop tool in photoshop

Tutorial-Adjusting the color and tone of a photo

Tutorial-how to dodge and burn

Tutorial-resizing correctly in photoshop

Tutorial-Photoshop sharpening effects

Knight Digital Media Center Tutorial: Basic Photoshop

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