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Tech Tip of the Day=Google Alerts- email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

Tech Tips=SPJ Digital Media Handbook  & Guide to Multimedia Proficiency (Mindy McAdams)

Video to get you in the Mindset=The ABC’s of Multimedia (Mark Luckie)

American Observer wins SPJ award-SOC coverage of graduate online publication winning award for A City Divided in 2010-11.

Mara Schiavocampo on being a multimedia journalist– Online Article & Video=3:50

Six exceptional student multimedia projects-Online site

Best Washington Post multimedia – Online Web site link-2010

New York Times multimedia

Interactive Narratives=Link to examples

MediaStorm=Independent multimedia storytelling

ARTICLES: New Media Terminology

Chuck Todd’s Media Habits

The 5 must-knows about how readers navigate news online, drawn from new Pew Study

Prof. Eisman’s Handouts -covered in class Aug. 1

Ten Tips To Improve Your Online Journalism – from a Norwegian blog exploring digital media trends

Tips on Writing for the Web,  PDF Mindy McAdams

Writing Online News- Poynter Institute

Basics of Journalism Writing (AP Style, Inverted Pyramid, Story Structure, 66 tips, Leads that succeed)-Articles

Other University Projects

My Story, My Goal: University of Miami project in conjunction with the UN

Soul of Athens: University of Ohio yearly project on their hometown</a>

Soul of Athens University of Ohio yearly project on their hometown</a>

Coal: A Love Story Carolina News 21 project on coal and energy

The Common Wealth Western Kentucky University photo and video project

The Ration Upcoming project from Berkeley News 21 on food


Tech Tip of the Day= Online bookmarker, Delicious

J-Lab:Institute for Interactive Journalism=Link to J-Lab

WaPo Loses Homepage Producer to NPR

Maria Schiavocampo, NBC Digital Correspondent, Online Portfolio

15 Outstanding Portfolios by Journalists– Online Article & site links

TV Reporter Portfolio-Rachel Wulff – AU Alum-Online Link to site

Voice Talent Portfolio Elizabeth McGuire – Online Link to site

Creating a personal online presence: Register own domain name– Online Article

How to choose a host site-Online Article

5 best personal Web host sites-Online Article

More on webhosting sites-online article

WordPress Themes for Journalists-Online Tutorial

WordPress Tutorials: Knight Digital Media Center; & Basics from

WordPress Tutorials: Plugins, etc. 

Putting Audio on WordPress blog=from WordPress

Google Reader in Plain English=1:00 video tour of using an RSS reader

How to use Google Reader like a Rock Star

NPR Podcast Directory


Tech Tip of the Day=Dropbox, web-based site to share with others

Photo Shooting tips= (courtesy Sarah Quinn, Poynter Institute)

Tutorials for shooting in specific situations=i.e. sunlight

Introduction to Photo CompositionSimplicity; Rule of Thirds; Lines; Balance; Framing; Avoiding Mergers

Good Photos=Recession Road, Washington Post (Link to site)

Dogs Help Veterans, Washington Post (slideshow, no sound, captions)

Ice Cream Truck, Washington Post (slideshow, no sound, captions)

Witness/Politics, Washington Post

NAHJ Still Photo tips (Courtesy Robert Hernandez)

Photoblogs-Boston (Link to site)

Photos-ChicagoTribune (Link to site)

How to Crop & Size a photo for use on the Web – Article

Beginner’s Guide to Using Photoshop in your Newsroom (Poynter Institute)

Tutorial-Using the crop tool in photoshop

Tutorial-Adjusting the color and tone of a photo

Tutorial-how to dodge and burn

Tutorial-resizing correctly in photoshop

Tutorial-Photoshop sharpening effects

Knight Digital Media Center Tutorial: Basic Photoshop


Tech Tip of the Day=Name Pronunciation


Audio Reporting Guide

Vocal Delivery

Digital Audio Recorder Options (Link to article)

Overview of the Zoom H1 Recorder (Video=3:00)

Microphone types (Lav, Wireless, Omnidirectional, shotgun) (Video=6:25)

Voiceover Tips Online

Recording Phone Calls for Reporters – Online Article & Web site

Capturing Good Sound in Video Cameras   (Video=3:13-Vimeo)

Tutorials: Knight Tutorial in Audacity Editing OR Audacity Tutorial by Mindy McAdams


Tech Tip of the Day= Site for Locating creative commons licensed audio material

Public Radio & media blog (

NPR’S Scott Simon on telling audio stories-Video (3:30)

Compelling Audio Stories=NPR “Driveway Moments”

A Giant Pool of Money=NPR (Adam Davidson’s award-winning documentary on the housing crisis, “The Giant Pool of Money,” was recently named one of the top ten works of journalism of the decade by the Arthur L. Carter of Journalism and New York University. It won near universal praise as the clearest and most entertaining explanation of the roots of the financial crisis in any media. It was probably the first hour-long radio documentary on mortgage finance ever to be described by anyone as “riveting).”

How to Make your audio slideshows better=advice from Colin Mulvany

1. Washington Thru the eyes of a tourist  Photo Slideshow=Captions, no audio

2. Fox Hunt/ Cockfighting Puerto Rico = Slideshows natsot full, one person narration

3. High Heels Slideshow with text, music by Rebecca Aguilar

4. El Vez=Seattle Times (2:38) Slideshow w-music, narrated by one-person subject.   Text story about El Vez.

Guitar Lessons= Several subjects narration, first-person, natsot, music (2:24)

6. Hope on the Streets: Slideshow with narration, interviews, music (Rebecca Aguilar) (3:16)

7. Remembering Sen. Robert Byrd=Slideshow with narration, music Kathy Kiely, USA Today (3:27)

8.  The Simple Life = Slideshow with music

NAHJ What is an Audio Slideshow (Courtesy Robert Hernandez)

Tutorials for Soundslides= Knight Digital Media Center Soundslides

Video with vocal narration tips: Vimeo (Video=3:33)


Tech Tip of the Day= Teleprompter tool


You can get online access to the AP Daybook (and news stories).  Our login info for Exchange is: User: soc   Password: AMERICAN1 (On the left side you will see Advisories & Daybooks. Hit ALL and the daybook will come up).

Video Tips for Panasonic HMC 40 camera

Tips for Video shooting for still photograpers (Courtesy Regina McCombs)

Dail: Life Unbarred

Tube Mogul


Trapped in an Elevator

Post Secret


Joining the Dance

Tony Hawk

Cody’s Rescue

Flying Trikes

Marine Sentries

Slideshow with video: voice of subject  Shoeshine

1. Mn. Budget  (Video Story, natsot full up & voices of subjects-Hard news story; Star-Tribune (2:05)

2.  Lion Root Canal (Video, voiceover narration,interviews, natsot full up–  Feature story; Spokesman Review  (3:09)

3.  Tomb of the Unknowns (Video, natsot full up, voice of subject-Feature story; Wash Post) (2:22)

4. Prison Valley (Interactive documentary that takes full advantage of the Web, using video, social media, blogging, mobile app.).

ONLINE VIDEO SHOOTING TIPS Shooting for small screen (Courtesy:Metacafe with short video ad, then Video=4:13)

The five-shot video rules=BBC

Sequencing of shots=Colin Mulhavey

Basic video shooting & Editing errors=Angela Grant

Shot types  (Courtesy:Metacafe with short video ad, then Video=3:57)

Don’t cross axis line (Courtesy:Vimeo, no ads, Video=1:49)

Rule of thirds (Courtesy:Vimeo, no ads, Video=2:48)

Composition (Courtesy:Storyguide, no ads; Video=4:04)

Framing   (Courtesy:Storyguide, no ads, Video=1:46)

Lighting Hard vs soft light (Courtesy:Metacafe, with short video ad, then Video=4:05)

3-point lighting (Courtesy:Metacafe, with short video ad, then Video=2:58)

Outside key lighting  (Courtesy:Metacafe, with short video ad, then Video=3:15)

Shooting Techniques (Courtesy: Knight Digital Media Center-text, go thru own pace)

Video on the Web (Courtesy:Knight Digital Media Center-text, go thru own pace)

Voiceovers & Standups (Courtesy:Knight Digital Media Center-text, go thru own pace)

Video camera white balance (Courtesy:Vimeo, no ads, Video=1:18)

Tripod  (Video=2:43)

Beware of Reporter Standups

How do you choose stories for Video?  (Angela Grant)


Tech Tip of the Day= Multimedia web site= Videos

Good video story=Paraplegic Dog (Spokesman Review)

Video on the Web (Knight Digital Media Center)

Final Cut Pro Tutorial (Knight Digital Media Center)

Final Cut Pro Tutorials: Import images, text and audio files   & (6 hrs)


Tech Tip of the Day=Top 15 social networking sites -Putting past social media activities on a timeline

Congress not slow when it comes to social media=Washington Post

7 Habits of Highly Effective Multimedia Journalists -Article

Building your brand through social media- Article

Pentagon to Track Social Media-Article

Ten tools to improve your online storytelling -Article

Facebook Journalism Guide for College Media

Journalists on Facebook -Article

Facebook for Journalists– Link

Best Times to Publish Blog Posts – Article

Social Media: Your Google+Guide, 15 tips for Newbees– Article

How is Google+ Like Twitter and Facebook-Inforgraphic

At the Post, reporters get socialized to social media– Article

Twitter for Newsrooms-Article

Twitter Basics-Webbmedia group

Twitter: 10 Journalists you should follow on Twitter

Twitter: 12 Steps to Better Tweeting

Twitter: How James Spann sparked a social news phenomenon

Twitter: Meet the first network TV journalist on Twitter

Twitter: Where to Stalk Journalists on Twitter

Facebook vs. Twitter:How Smart Marketers Use Both Differently

Best Times to Publish Twitter/Facebook– Article

How to use fun (and Free) data visualization tools for online storytelling-Poynter

4 Ways to use UMapper to create online maps – 10,000 words

Tutorials: Basics;   Google Map BasicsFor Non-Programmers


Tech Tip of the Day= Maps that animate

Journalism Job Titles of the Future

Socrata free account-Link to site

7 Eyepopping Interactive Timelines -Article

Modern Approaches to Data Visualization– Article


Tech Tip of the Day:  Historical photos to maps.

Intermediate mapping with Geocommons (Sign up for a free account) to site

Investigative Reporting Workshop   (Chuck Lewis, Co-Founder) Link to site

Tutorials from Knight Digital Media Center:  Data Visualization Basics:   Google Map Basics;   For Non-Programmers


Mobile Journalism Reporting  Tools Guide -Online Article

Growing Up in the Shadow of 9/11 (SOC coverage of student reporting for USA Today)


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