Class Notes Day 8

Mark Luckie’s links:

Tech Tip of the Day=Top 15 social networking sites -Putting past social media activities on a timeline

Congress not slow when it comes to social media=Washington Post

7 Habits of Highly Effective Multimedia Journalists -Article

Building your brand through social media- Article

Pentagon to Track Social Media-Article

Ten tools to improve your online storytelling -Article

Facebook Journalism Guide for College Media

Journalists on Facebook -Article

Facebook for Journalists– Link

Best Times to Publish Blog Posts – Article

Social Media: Your Google+Guide, 15 tips for Newbees– Article

How is Google+ Like Twitter and Facebook-Inforgraphic

At the Post, reporters get socialized to social media– Article

Twitter for Newsrooms-Article

Twitter Basics-Webbmedia group

Twitter: 10 Journalists you should follow on Twitter

Twitter: 12 Steps to Better Tweeting

Twitter: How James Spann sparked a social news phenomenon

Twitter: Meet the first network TV journalist on Twitter

Twitter: Where to Stalk Journalists on Twitter

Facebook vs. Twitter:How Smart Marketers Use Both Differently

Best Times to Publish Twitter/Facebook– Article

How to use fun (and Free) data visualization tools for online storytelling-Poynter

4 Ways to use UMapper to create online maps – 10,000 words


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