Class Notes: Day 5


Tech Tip of the Day= Site for Locating creative commons licensed audio material

Public Radio & media blog (

NPR’S Scott Simon on telling audio stories-Video (3:30)

Compelling Audio Stories=NPR “Driveway Moments”

A Giant Pool of Money=NPR (Adam Davidson’s award-winning documentary on the housing crisis, “The Giant Pool of Money,” was recently named one of the top ten works of journalism of the decade by the Arthur L. Carter of Journalism and New York University. It won near universal praise as the clearest and most entertaining explanation of the roots of the financial crisis in any media. It was probably the first hour-long radio documentary on mortgage finance ever to be described by anyone as “riveting).”

How to Make your audio slideshows better=advice from Colin Mulvany

1. Washington Thru the eyes of a tourist  Photo Slideshow=Captions, no audio

2. Fox Hunt/ Cockfighting Puerto Rico = Slideshows natsot full, one person narration

3. High Heels Slideshow with text, music by Rebecca Aguilar

4. El Vez=Seattle Times (2:38) Slideshow w-music, narrated by one-person subject.   Text story about El Vez.

Guitar Lessons= Several subjects narration, first-person, natsot, music (2:24)

6. Hope on the Streets: Slideshow with narration, interviews, music (Rebecca Aguilar) (3:16)

7. Remembering Sen. Robert Byrd=Slideshow with narration, music Kathy Kiely, USA Today (3:27)

8.  The Simple Life = Slideshow with music

NAHJ What is an Audio Slideshow (Courtesy Robert Hernandez)

Tutorials for Soundslides= Knight Digital Media Center Soundslides

Video with vocal narration tips: Vimeo (Video=3:33)

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