Assignment #5: Soundslides

Download the practice files here:

Create an audio slideshow of about 45 seconds to 1:30. When you’re finished, post the slideshow to your blog as a YouTube video using these steps:

1) Hit “Export” on Soundslides.
2) Soundslides will create a folder called “publish_to_web” inside your project folder.
3) Right-click on the “publish_to_web” folder and select “Compress publish_to_web”.
4) This creates a file.
5) Go to
6) Leave size set at “DV (720×480)”. Put in your email address and leave the two boxes checked. Hit continue.
7)Hit select file and upload your “” file.
8) You can wait for your file to convert or just wait for Soundslides to send you an email notification that your file is ready.
9) Download the complete .mp4 file. Watch in quicktime or another media player to make sure it works.
10) Upload the mp4 to YouTube. Create a new account if you don’t have one.
11) Need help uploading to YouTube? FIGURE IT OUT. YOU’RE A MULTIMEDIA STUDENT.
12) Create a new blog post. You can embed the video in the post by just dropping in the YouTube URL. Like so:

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One Response to Assignment #5: Soundslides

  1. Lydia Beyoud says:

    “Total eclipse of the heart”? Seriously??

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