Class Notes Day 3

Tech Tip of the Day=Dropbox, web-based site to share with others

Rob’s Photography Powerpoint

Photo Shooting tips= (courtesy Sarah Quinn, Poynter Institute)

Tutorials for shooting in specific situations=i.e. sunlight

Introduction to Photo Composition; Simplicity; Rule of Thirds; Lines; Balance; Framing; Avoiding Mergers

Good Photos=Recession Road, Washington Post (Link to site)

Dogs Help Veterans, Washington Post (slideshow, no sound, captions)

Ice Cream Truck, Washington Post (slideshow, no sound, captions)

Witness/Politics, Washington Post

NAHJ Still Photo tips (Courtesy Robert Hernandez)

Photoblogs-Boston (Link to site)

Photos-ChicagoTribune (Link to site)

How to Crop & Size a photo for use on the Web – Article

Beginner’s Guide to Using Photoshop in your Newsroom (Poynter Institute)

Tutorial-Using the crop tool in photoshop

Tutorial-Adjusting the color and tone of a photo

Tutorial-how to dodge and burn

Tutorial-resizing correctly in photoshop

Tutorial-Photoshop sharpening effects

Knight Digital Media Center Tutorial: Basic Photoshop

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