Assignment #4: Audio Story

Edit your voxpop piece into a nice, tight audio piece.

Adding audio to your Blog is easy, but it requires you to host your audio file somewhere. Having a Dropbox account is an easy way to do this.

  1. Have your audio available as an mp3 file.
  2. Log into Dropbox and upload your audio to your Public folder.
  3. Right-click on your audio file and select Copy Public Link.
  4. Select Copy the Address to Clipboard.
  5. Start a new WordPress post.
  6. Where you want your audio to appear put the following (where link = the public link): [audio link]
  7. Save your post as draft
  8. Finish your post and publish.

Your audio should appear as it does below:

The code for this particular instance is [audio

If you’re having problems, try this link:

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