Tech Tips and Notes Day #1


Tech Tip of the Day=Google Alerts- email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on your choice of query or topic.

Tech Tips=SPJ Digital Media Handbook & Guide to Multimedia Proficiency (Mindy McAdams)

Video to get you in the Mindset=The ABC’s of Multimedia (Mark Luckie)

American Observer wins SPJ award-SOC coverage of graduate online publication winning award for A City Divided in 2010-11.

Mara Schiavocampo on being a multimedia journalist– Online Article & Video=3:50

Six exceptional student multimedia projects-Online site

Best Washington Post multimedia – Online Web site link-2010

New York Times multimedia

Interactive Narratives=Link to examples

MediaStorm=Independent multimedia storytelling

ARTICLES: New Media Terminology

Chuck Todd’s Media Habits

The 5 must-knows about how readers navigate news online, drawn from new Pew Study

Prof. Eisman’s Handouts -covered in class Aug. 1

Ten Tips To Improve Your Online Journalism – from a Norwegian blog exploring digital media trends

Tips on Writing for the Web, PDF Mindy McAdams

Writing Online News- Poynter Institute

Basics of Journalism Writing (AP Style, Inverted Pyramid, Story Structure, 66 tips, Leads that succeed)-Articles

Other University Projects

My Story, My Goal: University of Miami project in conjunction with the UN

Soul of Athens: University of Ohio yearly project on their hometown</a>

Soul of Athens University of Ohio yearly project on their hometown</a>

Coal: A Love Story Carolina News 21 project on coal and energy

The Common Wealth Western Kentucky University photo and video project

The Ration Upcoming project from Berkeley News 21 on food

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