These are the links that were discussed in class on Tuesday …

AP Stylebook (if off campus, log in first through MyALADIN)
Merriam-Webster dictionary

AP’s reference guide for Sept. 11 anniversary

AP Stylebook on Twitter & Facebook
For laughs, @FakeAPStylebook

American Copy Editors Society’s home page’s 100 Worst Groaners

The Slot (Bill Walsh’s site)
Testy Copy Editors forum

How to use a semicolon (comic by The

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DAY 12 (Aug. 16)







Gannett Counsel, Barbara Wall sent this article to the class: Creative Commons Images and you: A quick Guide for image users

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Assignment for Monday

For Professor Johnson’s class on Monday, read and do the exercises in this chapter on basic web design. Send the files you create in the exercise to Khari.

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Class Notes Day 9

Tech Tip of the Day= Maps that animate

Journalism Job Titles of the Future

Socrata free account-Link to site

7 Eyepopping Interactive Timelines -Article

Modern Approaches to Data Visualization– Article


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Class Notes Day 8

Mark Luckie’s links:

Tech Tip of the Day=Top 15 social networking sites -Putting past social media activities on a timeline

Congress not slow when it comes to social media=Washington Post

7 Habits of Highly Effective Multimedia Journalists -Article

Building your brand through social media- Article

Pentagon to Track Social Media-Article

Ten tools to improve your online storytelling -Article

Facebook Journalism Guide for College Media

Journalists on Facebook -Article

Facebook for Journalists– Link

Best Times to Publish Blog Posts – Article

Social Media: Your Google+Guide, 15 tips for Newbees– Article

How is Google+ Like Twitter and Facebook-Inforgraphic

At the Post, reporters get socialized to social media– Article

Twitter for Newsrooms-Article

Twitter Basics-Webbmedia group

Twitter: 10 Journalists you should follow on Twitter

Twitter: 12 Steps to Better Tweeting

Twitter: How James Spann sparked a social news phenomenon

Twitter: Meet the first network TV journalist on Twitter

Twitter: Where to Stalk Journalists on Twitter

Facebook vs. Twitter:How Smart Marketers Use Both Differently

Best Times to Publish Twitter/Facebook– Article

How to use fun (and Free) data visualization tools for online storytelling-Poynter

4 Ways to use UMapper to create online maps – 10,000 words


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Assignment #7: Video Story

Create a 60 to 90 second video and post it to your blog. After you finish your video, first create a master version.

  1. Select Export -> Quicktime Movie
  2. Make sure the box that says “Make Movie Self-Contained”
  3. Save to your folder on Thawspace.

Then, create a YouTube version:

  1. Select “Export->Using Quicktime Compression”
  2. Click the Options button.
  3. In the Videosection select the following:
    • Compression Type: H264
    • Frame Rate: 30
    • Data Rate: Automatic
      (if you choose to restrict the Data Rate, make sure to choose the highest value acceptable to you — more bits means better quality)
    • Key Frames: Automatic
    • Frame Reording: Unchecked
  4. In the Video section click Size and set Dimensions to 1280×720 HD.
  5. Select Prepare for internet Streaming and choose Fast Start from the drop-down menu.
  6. In the Audio section, make sure that the audio codec is AAC.
  7. Once you’ve made all of these selections, click the OK button to save your preferences.
  8. Add a title to the video file and click the Save button to save your edited version of your movie. Your project will then be exported and be ready to upload to YouTube.
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Class Notes Day 7

Tech Tip of the Day= Multimedia web site= Videos

Good video story=Paraplegic Dog (Spokesman Review)

Video on the Web (Knight Digital Media Center)

Final Cut Pro Tutorial (Knight Digital Media Center)

Final Cut Pro Tutorials: Import images, text and audio files   & (6 hrs)

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